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We are proud to provide TBS one of the biggest coffee suppliers in Egypt with The Original Al Ameed Kuwaiti Coffee.


Blue Nile one of the most famous nile river marks at Cairo, We have the pleasure of delivering the original Al Ameed Kuwaiti Coffee at Zamalek & Maadi Premises.


Tamara Lebanese Bistro was born from a desire to bring authentic Lebanese cuisine to Egypt while preserving its original flavors. A fusion between authenticity and modern designs, Tamara quickly made its mark on the local market and became the most popular destination for a traditional Lebanese cuisine experience


Has it been a while since you've caught up with the gang? Call them up for a hangout atTed'swhere the drinks are full and the food is more than delicious!


One of the largest hypermarket in the world! We are proud to deliver our products among various branches at Egypt.

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المذاق هو الموزع الحصري لبن العميد الكويتي بمصر و لا يوجد اي موزع آخر. بن العميد الكويتي الاصلي غير مسؤول عن اي مشتريات اخرى.

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